Billing Staff

The in-house 24*7 Billing support is not as cost effective as hiring staff for the same.

We provide billing support operators on the web who have:

  • Written Communication Skills
  • Analytic Skills
  • Updated knowledge of the environment
  • Learning Company Policies in no time

Routine tasks can be performed such as.

  • Sending Invoices to Customers
  • Creating Accounts
  • Billing Cycle Management
  • Suspend or Terminate Accounts Manually
  • Growth in Technical Team
  • Resend memos or invoices & much more

The operators are experienced & have expertise in managing multiple billing software like Parallels Plesk Billing, WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta, Business Manager & so much more.

The work force for billing also has good skills for sales & can convert an enquiry to an order and there are no compromises on the quality.

Per Ticket Plans

Ticket Plan Quantity Price Add
Dedicated Staff - Billing/Sales 1 ₹63,920.00 Add to Cart