DevOps as a Service

Using our well-architected DevOps techniques, our customizable DevOps services are designed to enable businesses to create and fulfil orders more quickly and accurately. Providing and maintaining equipment, deploying entire application, automating software release processes, and monitoring the performance of your application and infrastructure all are made much easier with these services.

With our experts, use the on-demand implementation approach.

Our DevOps Services

  • Source Code Management
  • Tools for project management
  • Configuration Management
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery
  • Infrastructure as Cod2
  • Load Testing & Auto-Scale
  • App Performance Monitoring
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Automated Recovery (Rollback)
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
DevOps Services

ZoopDesk is a one-of-a-kind DevOps as a Service programme that's also specifically needed to control and support your complete cloud services infrastructure. We can solve technical ability shortages in your business, provide the security and adaptability your business needs, keep expenses under control, and minimise.

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