Web Host Abuse Specialists Team (WAST)

Our Web Hosting Abuse Specialist Team keeps your network safe and protected. For the Web Hosting Industry, ZoopDesk now has a Web Hosting Abuse Specialist Team (WAST). Our Abuse Specialists handle complaints and circumstances submitted to your abuse desk with respect, investigating the matter based on the abuse complaint, contacting customers, and engaging with them to prevent attacks. The following are the areas that WAST is accountable for:

Our ZoopDesk WAST Team does not only write an email to the customer; instead, it communicates with your professional team and the client to avoid a recurrence of the incident. Any assistance in identifying exploitable elements on WAST's website would also be requested. Customers who do not take action or give feedback to WAST are quickly followed on a routine basis. WAST keeps those copyright legal assistance up to date, as well as the hosting business, which creates abuse reports.

Team Details

Level III Team Members in WAST are both proficient in LINUX and Windows Based Platforms.

Per Incident basis $5 per incident/ticket
Hourly Abuse Management $35 per Hour
Semi-Dedicated Tech $99 per month (up to 45 abuse reporting per month)
Dedicated Tech $999 per month (unlimited abuse department tickets – 160 hrs per month)
Semi-Dedicated Team $399 per month (up to 200 abuse reporting per month)
Dedicated Team $3600 per month (unlimited abuse department tickets – 500 hrs per month)

For any Emergency Support, you can connect with our Technical team.

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