Server Management Solutions

Server management solutions are a set of tools and practices that help IT professionals to manage the servers in their network. Solutions are used to manage servers and other network-connected devices. They can help with tasks like installing, configuring, monitoring, backing up, and updating the software on the device. There are many benefits to using SM solutions such as reduced costs because you no longer need to hire an IT staff, increased security because you have less vulnerabilities with your servers, and increased productivity because you will have access to all your data at any time.

Server Management

We offer full server management service plans, starting with short 15-minute slots to an entirely dedicated team of four IT professional.

₹800 / Month

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Server Monitoring

Proactive and reactive monitoring of services and servers. We guarantee uninterrupted service provision.

₹1200 / Month

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3rd Party Software Installations

Our team of experts will install and configure a program you have specified to the highest state of excellence.

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Backup Management

With the right backup solutions, data will always be safe.

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Data Migrations

Migrating your data between different platforms


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Scripting Service

Task automation through shell scripts is a common approach to managing job optimisation, allowing for enhancement or maintenance of current systems.

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