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DirectAdmin Server Management Service

Manage Multiple DirectAdmin Servers with Proper Stabilization and 24*7 Server Monitoring.


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Why DirectAdmin Management Services?

To improve the Productivity and managing all the Server Management with a Better Interface, DirectAdmin Server Management are here to manage multiple DirectAdmin Servers. We focus on day-to-day operations that maintains the Entire Server Monitoring and 24*7 Uptime Monitoring while running the Business.

Our Services

DirectAdmin Server Management Services

Installation - DirectAdmin Server Management

The package includes cluster setups, managed services, network connectivity, SSL management, security implementation, backup configurations, as well as other DA server configurations at a reasonable price.

₹ 1,600.00 / Server

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DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin - Migration

Because of our migration team's core competence in transferring DirectAdmin Management accounts with minimum or no downtime and no service interruptions, we are comfortable in providing free migrations for up to ten accounts.

₹ 160.00 / Account

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Non-DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin - Migration

Our migration team can perform non-DA to DA account migrations with minimum or no impact thanks to strict compliance to the migration schema, extensive experience with complex migrations, and other variables.

₹ 400.00 / Account

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Homogenous DirectAdmin Server Management

After detailed investigation, evaluation, and scheduling, our team of DA specialists schedules and executes the migration, guaranteeing that the entire project goes smoothly and conveniently.

₹ 7,920.00 / Server

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Heterogenous DirectAdmin Server Management

With their extensive knowledge of control panels, top degree of technical expertise, and post-migration assistance, our migration team has made server migrations to DirectAdmin Server management as simple.

₹ 11,920.00 / Server

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24*7 DirectAdmin Server Monitoring

Through its highly devoted monitoring support team, ZoopDesk provides 24/7 server and service monitoring with immediate reaction to your DirectAdmin Multi-Server Management alarms.

₹ 1,196.00 / Month

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24*7 DirectAdmin Help Desk Support

This helpdesk assistance plan provides transparent helpdesk support for all degree of technological support for your DirectAdmin Management services, with guaranteed response and resolution times.

₹ 6,320.00 / Server

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24*7 DirectAdmin Server Management

This DirectAdmin server management plan offers 24/7 server management, disaster recovery, unlimited server maintenance time, and other DirectAdmin tasks.

₹ 6,396.00 / Server

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DirectAdmin - Proper Server Hardening

With its experience in security-related operations, ZoopDesk can help you with protecting your DirectAdmin servers such that you could provide a secure, stable, and dependable web server for your customers.

₹ 2,320.00 / Server

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DirectAdmin Server R1Soft Backup

The plan includes our professional assistance in setting up the R1Soft backup system for your DirectAdmin Management servers, covering initial backup configuration, backup tracking, and proactive measures in the situation of a backup failure.

₹ 6,320.00

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Repeatedly DirectAdmin Server Management

Our DirectAdmin management Servers Administrators are well-versed in DirectAdmin-enabled servers and are capable of understanding and performing a wide range of intricate and complex server operations.

₹ 2,800.00 / Hour

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directadmin server management information


Information to DirectAdmin Server Management Services

DirectAdmin Server Management provides a simplified interface to their clients to manage Multiple DirectAdmin Servers.

This Server Management has gained a lot of popularity among multiple DirectAdmin Server clients and vendors for managing Small and Medium Scale Businesses.

It is one of the best control panel services that helps in better server stability with a flexible User Interface and limitless solution for the business clients.

What extra Services does DirectAdmin Server Management provide?

Server Stabilization

Server administrators work on stabilizing the entire server to avoid the server load issues and unnecessary down activities.

Daily Updates

General and Extra Security updates done on the DirectAdmin server regularly within a 0-day break.

Customized Server

While managing multiple DirectAdmin servers, clients have the option to customize the server according to their needs and requirements.

#1 DirectAdmin Server Management Service - Monitor Multiple DirectAdmin Servers

benefits of DirectAdmin server management

Why Is It Important?

Benefits of DirectAdmin Server Management Service

The DirectAdmin Server Management Services integrate with multiple features such as server monitoring, managing multiple server accounts, backing up & restoring of data along with Server Hardening and others.

Our Certified Server Administrator with their team is there to manage all the queries with better benefits and set up your entire DirectAdmin server as per your requirements.

Server Optimization

Optimize the Entire Properly by using all the existing resources whenever there arises some major issue.

Emergent Recovery

If a client's server is hacked or some major attacks are occurring then we will investigate and fix the entire issue.

24*7 Direct Assistance

Our DirectAdmin server management support team are present there 24*7. And, will give you the instant response within just a few minutes.

Basic Security

Provide the weekly server reports and configure your entire server with the better security tools and software.

Server Analysis

Analyze the entire server data properly and all the activities performing inside and outside the DirectAdmin Server.

Server Monitoring

Our Experienced and qualified server admins will be there always available to check your server wheneve we receive server down activity.

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Solution to Manage Multiple DirectAdmin Servers.




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Optimize the Entire Server Attacks and Issues.
  • Identify the Server Activities that make low performance.
  • Do the Server Hardening to protect against attacks.
  • Optimize the Performance with Server Applications.
  • Provide the Constant Data Flow by adding DirectAdmin Servers.
  • Monitor the Data 24*7 and give responses to issues.

Yes, it is important to have a DirectAdmin Server Management as it provides multiple of services such as Server Hardening, Restoring Data, Hacking Attempts along with 24*7 Technical Assistance.

It is impossible for the customers to handle all these services on their end and it is possible only by opting for the better IT department, which is provided by Zoopdesk DirectAdmin Server Management.

Yes, we ensure you the entire maintenance of the servers by maintaining and providing all the services.

And, always staying ahead is solving all the major issues such as attacks, power shortage, down security alerts, installing firewalls and other backup issues.

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