Hyper-V Server Management Service

Hyper-V Server Management Service

Our engineers have gathered all the services to manage the server & maintain its performance to ensure zero downtime.


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Best Part About Hyper-V Server Management

The comprehensive fault management capabilities that we provide allow the IT Admins to maximize the Hyper-V server uptime. Our services help with running the Hyper-V environment at its peak performance.

What We Provide

Hyper-V Server Management Services

24*7 Server Monitoring

We monitor every Hyper-V server that we are providing (even the servers provided to guests). We have a monitoring tool that we use to make sure that the performance of the VPS is better & it is always up & running.

Free Migration

The requirement for VM migration from a VMWare or Hyper-V can swiftly be accomplished by using our services. We also have the expertise to migrate the websites to the guests manually.

Migrate SAN

Need help to migrate iSCSI San to Fiber Channel SAN (Storage Area Network)? We have got it covered for you.

VMWare vSphere VM to Hyper-V

Converting VMWare vSphere VM to Hyper-V is also possible by using our services.

Managing Backup

We are also providing backup management services to make sure that the backups are taken on a regular basis. Another major concern includes fixing all the issues.


We ensure to be a responsible VPS provider by regularly patching up the host & guest operating systems.

Adjusting Performance

Performance tuning is a difficult task since the requirements of clients can be subjective. To make it an easy job, we are here to sit with the clients & have discussions to set a certain goal so that we can work as per our client's expectations.

Optimizing Resources

Our Hyper-V server management services ensure that memory management, CPU resources, & most importantly, disk space optimization are all accomplished shortly.

Storage Management

Using a shared virtual hard disk between various VMs or trying the virtual Fibre Channel to store data in the Fibre Channel Storage, both are supported by us. If there is a need to compact or resize the VHDs, we are here to implement the resizing as well.

Commercial VPS Support 1 ₹1,600.00 Add to Cart
Hyper-V Virtualization Support 1 ₹19,920.00 Add to Cart
Hyper-V Server Management Information

Hyper-V Server Management

In-Depth Knowledge About Hyper-V Server Management Services

Hyper-V Server converts a single physical server into several virtual servers wherein the hardware resources of the host server are shared & powered by Hyper-V.

The Hyper-V Management services are adopted by various large organizations to enhance the performance & productivity.

We work to get better each day & our major concerns include:

Adapting Goals

The goals that are set post-discussion with the clients, we work to make these goals are first priority & meet the requirements for more productivity.

Backup Management

With a working experience of over 6+ years, we have extensively managed the backups as per a schedule to ensure that backups are being taken timely.


We work 24*7 to keep the server security uptight. Several advanced tools & techniques are used to detect the server management so that the performance & productivity is improved.

#1 Server Management System - Focus on Managing Hyper-V Servers

Benefits of Hyper-V Server Management Service

Why Hyper-V Server Management

Merits of Hyper-V Server Management

It is our sole purpose to work for the betterment of our client's work. We prefer working on the Hyper-V Server management & offer trouble-free & secure plans.

Monitoring 24*7

Technical support for 24*7 is available to keep the server managed & solve all the queries & other issues that may arise.

Server Protection

We have advanced methods to help protect the online server from all or any cyber-crime activities as protection is a great concern.

Finding Errors

We monitor all the server activities to fix or remove any error & avoid our clients from experiencing any trouble.

Backup Reports

Our system sends a notification to the customers every time a backup is taken & after completion.

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Frequently Asked Queries

We get a clear path to migrate VMs to Hyper-V as we can get the vendor license for .vhd files. Having the capabilities for V2V in the System Center VM Manager, we can conveniently migrate to Hyper-V.

We make sure to manage the backups so that there is not even a single backup that misses its schedule. Clients are notified whenever a backup is completed.

The two necessities for Hyper-V platform include the server being a 64-bit environment & hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel VT or AMD-V) technology is supported.

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