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Plesk Server Management Service

Manage Multiple Plesk Servers with one of our Effective and Secure Parallels Plesk Management Service.


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Why Plesk Management Services?

With the increase in technology, the biggest challenge for server administrators is to manage, maintain and optimize multiple servers. Zoopdesk introduces one of the best Plesk Server Management Services to manage multiple Plesk servers with proper maintenance, security and technical support throughout the day.

Our Services

Parallels Plesk Server Management Services

Installation - Parallels Plesk Server

Our Plesk professionals will help you with things like control panel setting, access limits, basic service setup, QMAIL, POSTFIX, firewall configurations, and more services.

₹ 1,600.00 / Per Server

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Plesk to Plesk - Account Migration

Our Plesk migration plan helps you move web hosting accounts, addon domains, reseller accounts, custom apps, databases, and mails from one Plesk server to another Server.

₹ 240.00 / Per Account

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Non-Plesk to Plesk - Account Migration

With its extensive experience with Plesk servers, the team ensures a trouble-free migration from other control panels to Plesk through correct execution and limited post-migration assistance.

₹ 400.00 / Per Account

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Homogenous - Plesk Server Migration

Our Plesk server migration template verifies, installs, and configures destination server parameters to ensure that they are compatible with the source server for a smooth migration.

₹ 7,920.00 / Per Server

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Heterogenous - Plesk Server Migration

The migration team can handle non-Plesk to Plesk migrations with low or no performance impact because experienced Level3 admins in relevant technologies are easily accessible.

₹ 11,920.00 / Per Server

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24/7 Plesk Server Management - Monitoring

With its dedicated monitoring support team, ZoopDesk provides round-the-clock server and service monitoring, as well as immediate reaction to Plesk server warnings, at a very low cost.

₹ 1,196.00

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24/7 Plesk Server Management Support

With a high degree of professional competency and customer support methods, we provide 24x7 server monitoring and server management for Plesk servers running Windows or Windows OS versions.

₹ 6,320.00 / Per Server

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Plesk Help Desk for 24*7 Assistance

We offer transparent help desk support for your web hosting clients through a team of professionals with significant Plesk and web hosting service experience, as well as promised response and resolution times.

₹ 6,320.00 / Per Server

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Parallels Plesk - Server Hardening

Our team of Plesk server administrators monitors and evaluates server performance and security vulnerabilities on a regular basis to ensure that service is delivered without interruption.

₹ 3,920.00 / Per Server

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R1Soft Plesk Backup Server Management

This R1Soft Backup Services plan includes expert help with initial backup configuration, backup monitoring, and proactive backup failure response to create a reliable data backup solution.

₹ 6,320.00 / Per Server

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Every Hour Plesk Server Administration

Our Plesk specialists are well-versed in Plesk systems and are capable of comprehending and performing a wide range of intricate and sophisticated server operations with a high-level experts.

₹ 2,800.00 / Per Hour

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plesk server management information


Information to Parallels Plesk Server Management Services

Plesk Server Management Services has been designed by Server Administrators to provide their consumers effective and Secure Services.

Plesk server administrators take as much knowledge and experience as possible to manage many Parallels Plesk Server so that they can properly work on growing the entire business infrastructure.

Plesk's Multi Server module was created with this in mind, for efficient and secure management of many servers. You can use this extension to conduct hosting tasks on managing multiple Plesk servers. And it's simple to manage the infrastructure. This is due to the fact that memorizing hostnames, passwords, and login identifications is no longer necessary.

Our highly qualified experts are available throughout the week to provide you with first-rate service at the most competitive prices. Plesk server monitoring, basic server hardening, backup and restore features, and so on are the main basic features.

#1 Plesk Server Management Service - Manage Multiple Parallels Plesk Servers

benefits of plesk server management

Why Is It Important?

Benefits of Plesk Server Management Service

Plesk Server Management Plan includes many benefits that have been originally maintained by server administrators.

We ensure that you get high quality service at a reasonable price with reasonable support and 24*7 technical support while managing multiple Plesk Servers.

Effective Administration

Monitor and Administer all resources and activities around the server to protect against any illegal attempts across the Server.

24*7 Technical Assistance

Our Technical Experts are present throughout the day and monitor all the web server requests and resources that are affecting the servers.

Proper Upgradation

We are there to make regular updates for our users that improves the productivity day by day and will not lead to performance degradation.

Server Security & Hardening

Improve the quality of Servers with the Server Hardening and remove all the unnecessary components to maximise the security of the server.

Hourly Response

The technical support team after receiving the issues works on solving them as soon as possible.

Server Recovery

We focus immediately on server and data recovery while some failures so that there is no loss of client's data.

Right IT Help Desk

Ready to Manage Multiple Parallel Plesk Servers.




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Assess the Entire Data throughout the Server.
  • Review the Services and Detect the Issues.
  • Do the Server Hardening Against Cyber Attacks.
  • Configure the Web Application and Optimize the Performance.
  • Add Plesk Server to Our Monitored Software.
  • Implement the Service and provide 24*7 Assistance.

Parallel Plesk Management Server works on multiple monitoring procedures such as Account Resources, Web Application Firewall, Attack Detection System, Coded Scripts and Security Checking.

Once we receive any client queries in 24*7 times, we immediately start working on the procedures depending on the requirements of the users.

We immediately start working on evaluating the servers so that we will be able to recognize all the resources and data included in it.

And, then it will become possible for us to add the firewall web application to optimize the better performance.

Also, we are there to give the 24*7 Assistance to our clients.

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