zpanel server management Service

zPanel Server Management Service

Try to manage multiple zPanel servers that have the capacity to scale up the infrastructure with proper 24*7 support.


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Why zPanel Server Management?

To be proactive and to compete with others while managing businesses in this decade, it is better to continue with better server management service. ZooDesk works on providing best zPanel server management services to manage multiple zPanel servers to perform multiple operations with preferable migration support.

What We Provide

Our zPanel Multi-Server Management Services

zPanel Server Management – Installation

Our experienced assistance is provided for zPanel operations such as installation, configurations, customization, performance tuning, optimization, and application updates, among many others.

₹ 1,600.00 / Per Account

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zPanel to zPanel – Account Migration

This zPanel migration strategy contains movement of hosting accounts, addon domains, reseller accounts, and custom application data with minimal or no downtime among ZPanel web hosting servers.

₹ 160.00 / Per Account

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Non-zPanel to zPanel – Account Migration

Our skilled and knowledgeable migration staff can help you transfer accounts from other control panels to zPanel servers with minimal or no downtime and no configuration issues.

₹ 400.00 / Per Account

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zPanel to zPanel – Server Migration

Our zPanel migration team ensures complete server migration without any performance issues via detailed analysis, proper execution, and efficient follow-ups in the form of post migration assistance.

₹ 7,920.00 / Per Account

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zPanel to Non-zPanel – Server Migration

Migration to zPanel servers is conducted and guaranteed by our migration team, which focuses on highly skilled, experienced level 3 server administrators with in-depth knowledge of various hosting control panels.

₹ 11,920.00 / Per Account

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zPanel Server Management Information

zPanel Server Management

Proper Information About zPanel Multi-Server Management

zPanel Server Management provides one of the best services to manage multiple zPanel Servers for web hosting control panels to work efficiently on Windows & Linux-based Platforms.

Our zPanel Server Administrators provides multiple of multiple of services including data recover, server hardening, server monitoring with proper 24*7 Technical Assistance.

zPanel Multi-Server Management Works on:

Continuous Support

We provide them free platforms to deal with other errors and improve security. zPanel Server Administrators are there to manage the website and share their valuable ideas to the clients.

Regular Updates

There will be regular updates and stability and manageable control panels that lead to downtime activity. The daily optimization on the server will keep the illegal attempts away.

Client Satisfaction

We work on completing the needs and requirements of the users and focus on better quality services and satisfaction to the users. And, offers better quality solutions.

#1 zPanel Server Management Service - Works on Managing Multiple zPanel Servers

Benefits of zPanel Server Management Service

Why zPanel Server Management

Benefits of zPanel Multi-Server Management System

zPanel Server Management provides multiple key aspects while managing multiple zPanel Servers. Monitor the Server with better server specification and Management Packages.

ZoopDesk zPanel Server Administrators take valuable sessions to provide better services and improve business infrastructure for their clients.

Overall Support

Our ZoopDesk Technical Experts team are present for 24*7 and the client has the option to raise multiple tickets for their queries.

Server Protection

To make the data protected on the Servers, we install a Web application firewall and add other security tools for the server protection.

Proper Optimization

Our zPanel Server Administrators perform Apache tweaking, MySQL Optimization, Tweaking of server and deactivate other unused technologies.

No Risk

We have the ability to manage multiple zPanel Servers by ensuring you can save your data properly.


Analyze and Identify the entire data properly from and all the activities by utilizing the available resources.

Disaster Recovery

Our zPanel Server Administrators manage multiple zPanel Servers by employing a variety of tools and techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Identify The Entire zPanel Servers & its resources.
  • Optimize the available resources present in it.
  • Install the Web Application Firewall.
  • Maintain Security & Server Hardening from Tools and techniques.
  • Server Administrators manage multiple zPanel Servers.
  • Work on Providing 24*7 Technical Assistance.

Yes, it is beneficial to proceed with zPanel Server Management Service as it provides multiple benefits and features that are not possible to work upon from your end.

It enhances the business infrastructure using multiple available resources and provides better security & Server Hardening with using different security tools & Techniques.

Because ZoopDesk provides multiple unique features to manage multiple zPanel Management Service and provide the 24*7 Technical Assistance at its best.

zPanel Server Administrators always present there to improve the service and share unique and better ideas to their clients.

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