ZoopDesk Azure Services

Strong & sturdy coding that can handle the outages, traffic spikes & outages, makes the software delivery complete. When we assign you our professional DevOps team, we assure you the best results in the efficiency of delivering the software.

We build rugged, auto-healing systems & frequently monitor & identify the bugs & errors that can be rectified automatically. Even including errors present in your codes.

Azure Services

Key Highlights of Our Azure Services

  • Managing Cloud Cost
  • Flexible Options for Billing
  • Support - Enterprise Level
  • Support for Cloud Migration
  • Avg. Saving of 25 to 35 Percent
  • Reviews for Cloud Architecture

Features of Azure for Cloud Migration

Flexibility of Data

Users can smartly recover from failures & work with focus without any other disturbance in the way. This is due to the flexible nature of the data.


Prevention, detection & responding with a secured cloud foundation managed by Microsoft. We can guarantee you the security you desire.

BCDR integration

It is quite easy to organize replicas of on-premise physical servers or VMs to the cloud with the help of ZoopDesk’s Azures Site recovery service.

Capacity Planning

Prepare your infra for large, mid & small scale events. Scale on-demand or plan ahead of time-based on predicted demand. Get your expected results.

Single-Pane Functionality

Get a better understanding of your infra by gaining visibility and insights. Enjoy a single pane view of hybrid environments with Microsoft’s OMS.

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