ZoopDesk Digital Ocean Services

In 2013, Digital Oceans started providing Virtual machines with SSDs known as Droplets. ZoopDesk deployed more than 120 infras & now we are currently managing over 500 Droplets around the globe. After becoming authorized partners with Digital Oceans back in 2018, we worked on this platform to get a better understanding of all the issues that our client might face. Moreover, we trained our staff to become the best & provide the most flexible & top-notch services. We adopt Digital Oceans spaces, tool for doctl command line, managed DBaaS offerings, Kubernetes, etc on a yearly basis.

ZoopDesk offers support for these Digital Ocean Services including Cost Optimization, Designing & deploying cloud architecture with the help of KOPS/DOKS, applications management & setups, etc. We deal in various services related to Digital Oceans and we always work with perfection.

Digital Ocean Services

We are partners with Digital Oceans in order to offer fully managed DO cloud services. We know how to work with the DO cloud to enhance the overall DO experience for users. In addition to this, we can handle your Droplets & tune them to reliably achieve maximum output generation. As per requirements, our team informs clients regarding frequent server updates, security & backup monitoring, patchings, etc 24×7.

When a Kubernetes cluster with high reliability and cost efficiency is required, the ZoopDesk team decides to split the cluster over many DC providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean, with priority given to DO, especially if the pod is hungry for bandwidth. However, for customers who are highly cost-conscious, we examine & offer options that do not use the big cloud providers – AWS, GCP, Azure – and instead employ DigitalOcean, Hetzner, and OVH clouds.

Digital Ocean Services We Offer

Optimizing Cloud Cost

Our IT technicians aim for identifying resources that are mismanaged, eliminate wastage, providing customized computing services. This cost optimization evidently helps in reducing extra costs & reducing the burden from the businesses.

Deploying Cloud Architecture

The implementation of SaaS(software as a service) PaaS(Platform as a service) & IaaS(infrastructure as a service) on clients' demands or requirements is what we offer here. Our cloud architecture makes businesses flexible.

Managing Applications

Not just the architecture, we even offer configuration & management of applications for our clients. As we have a better understanding of these services, we configure their applications at the best settings for optimum utilization.

DevOps & Automation

We know how valuable is a human resource to an organization. This is why we focus on automating DevOps. With this, we can upgrade technology that can reduce human efforts & provide maximum accuracy to the user.

Security & Compliance

ZoopDesk ensures that there are no loopholes left in the security segment. We use high-end equipment and with frequent monitoring, we are able to detect all the threats in advance. We follow all the necessary compliances.

Migration Of Applications

We are experts in cloud migration. Now let it be data or even applications. Migration of applications is tricky but as we have years of experience we are aware of all the possible issues & their solutions.

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