ZoopDesk PCI DDS Compliance Services

To counter the potential threat to data integrity, all organizations involved in credit card transactions need to fulfill a set of guidelines or requirements to maintain a safe & secure environment. We simply call this set of requirements Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard – PCI DSS. As we all know the rapid growth of businesses always becomes the reason for potential threats to security & creates the urge of PCI DDS standards frequently.

Here at ZoopDesk, our PCI compliance services help our valuable clients to obtain all twelve requirements & become a certified PCI DDS entity.

Creation & Management of a Secured Network

1st Requirement - Install a firewall security setup & maintain it on a frequent basis with the aim of protecting the card holder’s data requirement.

2nd Requirement - It’s is necessary to avoid the default credentials supplied by the provider as your system password & other security parameters.

Secure the Data of Card Holders

3rd Requirement - Protect the entire data of the stored cardholder on a serious note with maximum accuracy.

4th Requirement - Conceal the transfer of card holder’s data throughout several open or public networks.

Susceptibility Management Program

5th Requirement - Mandatory step of using anti-virus software on regular basis & updating it as required.

6th Requirement - Developing secure systems & applications along with managing them is another crucial step.

Implementation of Robus Access Control Measures

7th Requirement - In accordance with the businesses' need to know requirements, Closely monitor & restrict cardholder data.

8th Requirement - Provide unique IDs to each person with all adequate computer access for them.

9th Requirement - Restrict the cardholder's data physical access.

Testing & Monitoring of Networks

10th Requirement - Monitor & track all the access to the resources of network & cardholders data to find any loopholes.

11th Requirement - Test all your security systems & processes on a regular basis.

Information Security Policy

12th Requirement - Create & maintain a policy to address information security & all related issues.

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