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The security of a server is critical to the availability of the business data. We are here with the best Server hardening services that are available to provide security for your servers.


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Why is Server Hardening Important?

Servers are a company's most valuable asset. They host all the data and information that is important for a business. That is why it's crucial to have a strong data protection strategy in place.

In order to keep your servers safe from malicious attacks, you should invest in server hardening services. This type of service ensures that any incoming attacks will be blocked swiftly and efficiently before they have a chance to cause any damage.

The importance of this service cannot be overstated as modern day cybercriminals are getting smarter, more innovative and more creative in their attacks on servers.

What We Provide

Several Server Hardening Services Provided by ZoopDesk

Complete Security Auditing

Security audits are an important part of the IT infrastructure, which are mostly done by specialists. When it comes to server security, both physical and virtual, we need to be able to audit the complete system and all of its components. ZoopDesk offers the best and full security auditing to their users. Our experts will audit your servers for vulnerabilities, and provide remediation advice.

Security Patch Updates

We provide comprehensive security patch updates designed to protect your servers. Reach out today to schedule your consultation. ZoopDesk Server Hardening Services help you to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your websites and applications. We make sure your servers are updated with the latest security patches, making them more resilient against cyber attacks.

Firewall Configuration

A firewall is a device that monitors and controls the flow of traffic between networks. It can be configured in different ways to allow or deny access to services in certain circumstances. We offers the best server hardening services for our clients with firewall configuration to ensure that their data is secure.

Rootkit Installation & Scanning

Server Hardening Services offers Rootkit installation and scanning services. Rootkits are a type of malware that infects a computer in order to give an attacker remote or local access to a system. They also have the ability to tamper with system files, which can cause serious security risks for your organization.

CSF Installation & Configuration

CSF is a free and open-source software that can be installed on a server in order to protect it from internet attacks. It is a comprehensive tool that can take care of many tasks involved in protecting a typical web or mail server from Internet threats. ZoopDesk provides the CSF installation & configuration service to take care of the installation and configuration of the multiple security features. Configure CSF to start automatically when the server boots up.

Network Security

ZoopDesk Server Hardening Services provides the effective network security. The basic purpose of Network and Bind security is to prevent different types of attacks that could be directed at servers, including Hacking (breaking into a system), Data theft (stealing data), Denial of service (making a system unavailable to users), Hosting dangerous content or malware (having malicious software on your server).

Control Panel Updates

Server Hardening Services offers their clients with Control Panel Updates at no additional cost. These updates as part of its managed hosting service and makes sure that the server is secure and up-to-date. It make sure that your website can handle the security protocols in place in order to protect you from possible attacks.

Disable Unused Services

It provides facility to disable unused services can help you save money on your IT budget. This service will identify any applications or sub-systems which are not being used by your business and then turn them off so they stop running in the background.

Server Hardening Services Information

Several Services

Information About ZoopDesk Multiple Server Hardening Services

Server hardening is a must in today’s cyber world. It will help you secure your network, improve its performance and make it resilient against outside attacks. It is quite popular among small and medium-sized enterprises. These services are designed to protect the data on the server from any attacks or breaches by updating server software, installing firewalls, and so on.

SHS will help protect your business against any potential threats coming from outside. There are a lot of providers out there when it comes to Server Hardening Services, but not all of them can provide you with the level of protection you need. You should always make sure that you do your research before signing up for a service in order to avoid potential issues in the future.

ZoopDesk offers the best Server Hardening Services that gives user a 100% safe and quick results for protecting their servers. There are several ways that you can protect your company’s servers with these services.

Hardening servics provided by ZoopDesk:

Implementation and Configuration of Security Tools

Security tools can be implemented and configured to keep your company's data and resources safe. This can be even more of an issue for novice users or system administrators who may not have the experience necessary to troubleshoot configuration errors. But with ZoopDesk services, the configuration of security tools are easy with our experienced experts.

Goal Oriented

We guarantee that our experts manage your server with proper administration and focus more on improving your productivity here.

#1 Server Hardening Services - This Is How You Secure Your Server

Benefits of Server Hardening Services

Why Hardening?

Benefits of Server Hardening Services

SH services come with a number of benefits for organizations. One of the most important is that it increases security and reduces the risk of external attacks.

The services help to protect your servers from malicious attacks by making sure they are configured securely and that all patches are up to date. They provide an additional layer of protection against cyber-attacks, which can be crucial for organizations that store sensitive information on their servers.

Remove Insecure Protocols

There are some protocols that are no longer in use because they were found to be vulnerable to security breaches. The ZoopDesk server hardening service will remove all protocols that are not safe for the server.

Remove Unnecessary software's

When you have too many unnecessary software’s installed on your server, it will take up more space. This can affect the performance of your machine and might even cause an outage to happen. The solution to this problem is to use only server hardening services.

Physical Server Security Provided

With the increasing number of threats on the Internet, it’s difficult to maintain proper security measures. For this reason, many companies are turning to physical server security provided by ZoopDesk.

Security Updates

The security updates are the most important part of any company’s network security. This is only as strong as the weakest link in their system and without a secure server, hackers will always find an easy way to get through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The more exposed an attack surface is, the more danger it's in. Server Hardening will help you prevent damages and ensure all access points are secured, no matter the operating system or installed software.

ZoopDesk Server Hardening offers a variety of services to help ensure that your business is secure. They offer security audits and disable unused software/services to make sure that all of the potential issues are identified and corrected. They also offer disaster recovery planning, information technology infrastructure maintenance, data protection, cyber-threat risk assessment, remove insecure protocols, 24*7 support, and more.

Yes, with our server hardening services, all your information is safe. It also offers 24*7 customer support and our experts will help you answer your questions.

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