ZoopDesk Support for Node Management & Hosting

We have all the required skills in administration & years of expertise in managing clients’ VPSes. Evidently, this is what makes us better than anyone else in the industry. Our smartly designed subscription plans can significantly help you in cutting costs without compromising quality. Oftentimes, businesses want to set up & configure VM monitors(hypervisor) for VPS Node setup. Meanwhile, on the other end, they also want to be capable of troubleshooting frequent issues with VPS reboot. Despite the fact that both of these aspects are somehow cross-linked, our plans make the management easy.

Plan Details

Node Management

Opting ZoopDesk Node management makes reduces almost half of the workload of setting up the required technology. We offer help in selecting the technology for virtualization, control panel to be set up, billing systems & other initial tasks. Our plans also offer Node Setup, VPS provisioning, VPS migrations across Nodes, Node monitoring & installation of Hypervisors as well.

Key Highlights of this Subscription Plan

  • Backup & Restoration for Node
  • Module Management of OS
  • Installation of Hypervisors
  • No Limit on VPS per Node
  • Node Monitoring
  • Setting up Node
  • All custom & commercial live chat system supported
  • Tempete Creation of OS
  • VPS Migration
  • Security Patches

Boundaries to Consider

  • Only 20 Issues per VPS per month will be resolved.

Compatible With

  • Xen, OpenVZ, VMware, SolusVM, Virtuozzo, Microsoft Hyper-V

Plan Details

VPS Support for Providers

When we talk about Virtual Private Server for providers, we mean customized plans for VPS Cloud/Web hosting service providers. This plan charges for Node management & per VPS for tech support for hosted VPS servers in it. Our expert technicians will be your backbone to assist & manage your clients’ VPSes without any issues.

No. of VPSes Bulk Discount
1-10 0%
10-20 13%
20+ 33%

Key Highlights of this Subscription Plan

  • 3rd party software & scripts installation
  • Avg. Response time- 30 Minutes
  • Installation of VPS control panel
  • No limit on VPS management
  • Avg. Resolution time- 6 Hours
  • VPS issues supported
  • Backup & Recovery
  • True to customers
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • DC escalations

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Category Total Price Buy Now
VPS – Node Management (Quantity 1) INR ₹2,400.00/- Per Node Add to Cart
VPS - Support Plan for Provider (Quantity 1) INR ₹1,200.00/- Per VPS Add to Cart

Most Advisable Add Ons

Server Monitoring Addon for VPS 1 ₹400.00/- Per VPS Add to Cart
Server Hardening Addon for VPS 1 ₹400.00/- Per VPS Add to Cart
Live Chat for VPS Node 1 ₹6,320.00/- Per VPS Add to Cart

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • VPS:
    VPS is referred to a virtual private server maintained in a node with several other servers. VPS costs are lower due to the sharing of resources. However, it has a separate OS & works almost exactly like a physical server.

  • VPS Node:
    Virtualization process is dividing a physical server into many virtual servers, often known as VPSes. The mother or master-server where all VPS are hosted is known as a VPS node. This is essentially a high-end server with virtualization software installed and configured for hosting VPSs.

Charging separately improves the flexibility of the plans. Businesses that do not want to opt for both services, they can choose from two different options. Our plans offer scalability & liberty to our clients for focusing more on the business operations rather than these aspects.

We solve the issues under usual scenarios. However, if the client exceeds the no. of tickets every month, they need to discuss it with our sales & support team.