ZoopDesk Per Ticket Subscription Plans

When we talk about the Per Ticket support subscription plans, it simply means costing only for the used tickets on your helpdesk. Users can purchase these tickets & then use them preferably respective to their particular requirements.

Per Ticket Subscription Plans

Level No. of Tickets Per Month Unit Price Total Price
Support Level - 0 20 ₹80/- Per Ticket Add to Cart
Support Level - 1 10 ₹160/- Per Ticket Add to Cart
Support Level - 2 10 ₹640/- Per Ticket Add to Cart
Support Level - 3 5 ₹1200/- Per Ticket Add to Cart

Key Highlights of this Subscription Plan

  • Vast Server Availability
  • True to our valuable clients
  • 24/7 around the year support
  • Charges only for used Tickets
  • Experts reply instead of bots
  • Response - Under 30 minutes
  • No limit on domains per server
  • Solution in just 4 average hours
  • Option for Carry forwarding
  • All OS supported Control Panel
  • Monthly Report for tickets usage
  • Standard pre-sales questions answered

Boundaries to Consider

  • No Server Monitoring.

Most Suitable For

  • Stable servers organizations with a small number of tickets.
  • Small to medium scale startups for hosting with an estimated idea of support tickets required.
  • Businesses require hosting services for a particular time say night shifts, holidays, weekends, etc, or expertise level.

Most Advisable Add Ons

Carry Forward Tickets 1 ₹1200/- Per Month Add to Cart
Live Chat Support - Addon 1 ₹4720/- Add to Cart
Server Monitoring -Nagios 1 ₹1200/- Add to Cart

Contact ZoopDesk’s Support Team with your Requirements for Customization ✉

Frequently Asked Questions

Here “L” simply means Level. Evidently:

  • L0- Level 0
  • L1- Level 1
  • L2- Level 2
  • L3- Level 3

All the purchased tickets automatically expire after a month if not used. The ticket carry forwarding feature enables users to extend the validity of their tickets to use even after one month without expiration.