Team of Live Chat Supporters

The Live Conversation Support Team plan is reserved for service providers that have a constant chat flow of more than three chats at any given time. This team plan enables you to deliver live chat help without any waits on your website. If you have less than three conversations, it is preferable to engage a specialist helpdesk support persons or team for billing, sales, or technical difficulties and have them manage chat alongside the helpdesk rather than using this exclusive chat option.

Features BILLING
/ Per Month
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Live chat support* Any Any Any
Transparent Support Yes Yes Yes
Chat Transfer and Escalations Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous chats 3 3 2
ICan help in active promotional offers Yes Yes Yes
Can handle L1 technical chats Yes Yes Yes
Can handle L2 technical chats No No Maybe
Can handle L3 technical chats No No Maybe
Policy Training needed Yes Yes Maybe
Monthly Pricing ₹2,56,000 ₹2,56,000 ₹2,16,000
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*Prefers chat systems that are Linux/Web based over those that are just Windows based.

Frequently Asked Questions

The technical support crew consists of certified engineers who do not wish to engage in sales or billing. They can, however, in an emergency, if the policies and FAQs are adequately recorded, but only on a daily basis. A billing and sales chat team, on the other hand, may also handle L1 support. All of our billing staff, albeit not required, receives in-house training aimed at improving our employees' skills, and such billing staff can also manage L1 technical discussions. However, their investigative abilities will be restricted.