Semi-Dedicated Support Team (Team Plans)

The semi-dedicated support team plan is a hybrid plan that combines the benefits of a dedicated staff with the cost-effectiveness of pooled assistance. According to the subscription plan parameters, a dedicated support crew is virtually shared between customers. Sharing a team lowers expenses tremendously, but it also limits access to all of the capabilities of a fully dedicated team. Plans for a semi-dedicated support workforce are not endless. One or more web hosting providers share the team you're utilising. Despite the fact that the staff allocated to you is just as capable as our specialised team, the fact that the team's responsibilities are split among the providers limits the support at times.

For example, in an emergency situation, we assume that the probability of both providers experiencing emergency issues at the same time is only 50%. In such emergency situations, our response and resolution time assurances will be impacted. Please refer to the plans below if you properly understand the aforementioned constraints with semi-dedicated designs. The pricing shown below are for a true semi-dedicated plan. For example, your support staff is shared by only one supplier, not three or four, because it would be shared support for us!

If this plan is out of your price range, take a look at our Partially Dedicated Support Plan.

Features BASIC
/ Per Month
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/ Per Month
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/ Per Month
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Support Available 24*7 Yes Yes Yes
Vendor Certified Engineers Yes Yes Yes
Industry Level of Engineers L1 L2 L3
24*7 Monitoring of the Server Yes Yes Yes
Support for Instant Messenger Yes Yes Yes
Clients Per Team Number 2 2 2
The Number of Servers 30 80 150
The Number of Tickets 25L1/6L2/3L3 40L1/12L2/6L3 50L1/20L2/10L3
The Number of Employees 4 4 4
Help Desk Support Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed Response Time 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins
Guaranteed Resolution Time 6 hours (99%) 6 hours (98%) 1 hour (95%)
Management of Backups Yes Yes Yes
Report for the Day (On Demand) Yes Yes Yes
To whom do they Report Account Manager Account Manager Operations Manager
On Call (On Demand)* Yes Yes Yes
Video Chat (On-Demand)* Yes Yes Yes
Data Migration Websites Servers Datacenter
Best Suited for Shared/Reseller hosting Shared/Reseller/VPS/Cloud/Dedicated hosting with control panels Any OS/Any or no control panel/Any purpose
Disaster Recovery No Maybe Yes
Desktop Surveillance No No No
Niche Market Training**r No Yes Yes
Team Setup Time 2 days 2 days 2 days
No Setup Fees Yes Yes Yes
Total number of employees (including AM & QA) 6 6 5
Pricing is Calculated on a Monthly Basis ₹1,44,000 ₹2,00,000 ₹3,20,000
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Do you have a unique need or a combination of L1+L2+L3? Please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

They are also equipped to handle L3 tickets as a result of our training. However, they may take a long time to resolve an L3 problem, especially if it is the first time. Another reason our L1 team is prepared to address L3 difficulties is that we document every new issue our employees experience, along with a workaround or a correct solution, in our internal knowledge base.

For issues of privacy and security. We protect the privacy of our employees as well as the other hosting provider with whom we share a team.