DevOps Pipelines

Only when the code you've written is strong to failures, traffic increases, and attacks is it done successfully. When you engage the ZoopDesk DevOps team, we promise that we will improve the effectiveness of your software delivery time.

We make self-healing, flexible systems and leverage monitors and alerting to catch issues that can't be fixed immediately, like those in your code!

Our Proposals

  • Infrastructure Audit
  • DevOps Consulting
  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
  • CI/CD Implementation
  • Monitoring System Development
  • Mailing System Development

As part of CI/CD pipelines, ZoopDesk offers DevOps Pipelines, an automation solution for building, testing, and delivering software. We automate all key processes and manage your Devops Pipeline from beginning to end.

devops pipelines

Why to Choose ZoopDesk DevOps Pipelines?

ZoopDesk is each DevOps as a Service programme that is particularly needed to control and support your complete public and private cloud infrastructure. We can address technical skill deficiencies in your organisation, provide security and flexibility for your business needs, limit costs, and reduce downtime.

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