Medium 25-100 Servers

We are extremely delighted to announce that you are going to have wonderful experience as accountable host. As number of queries are increasing day by day, it might not be possible to answer all of them by current shared team. So it’s time to take high jump on a reliable source of semi dedicated It experts team.

2 Customer Semi-Dedicated Team

A 2-Client semi-dedicated plan offers a team of 4 Level admins, they deals with duo of customers at once. All technical experts have at least one to two years of skill in web hosting support and have the ability to tackle common Level 3 problems. The Customers for a group is chosen based on the free slots, so that there is no overlapping on a desk and to maintain the quality.

3-Client Semi-dedicated Team

In this three client semi dedicated plan, there is 4 team members to handle 3 customers overall like except you they have been assigned two more customers. Every team members has Level 2 skill. Rest all are identical to 2-Client semi-dedicated team, except the number of customers they tackle.

You would also like to have a look at our dedicated staffing plan for further information. Its better if we will have talk over it and then agree

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