ProxMox Support Services

ProxMox is a virtualization software that has been developed for enterprise server management. Its main purpose is to provide enterprises with the possibility of running different operating systems on the same hardware. ProxMox is a company specialized in Linux-based virtualization. They offer a wide range of support services for their clients to make sure they are getting the best customer service possible.

ProxMox offers a wide range of support services for server management. They offer help with installation and configuration, software and hardware updates, and troubleshooting.

Multiple Guest Operating Systems

Guest operating systems are a way to run a different operating system like Windows, Linux on the same machine. This is achieved by creating a virtual machine on the host operating system. It can be used for running applications that are not available in the host operating system.

Guest OS are useful for people who need to use two different operating systems at the same time, for example when they want to run Windows software while using Linux. They can also be useful if you want to try out a new OS without installing it on your computer.

VM Migration

Virtual machines are a great way to save money on hardware, but what if the company needs to move the VM to another location? There are several ways that this process can be done.

The one way is by using Storage vMotion. This is only available with VMware virtualization and it allows for a live migration of the VM from one datastore to another without any downtime and without shared storage requirements between hosts or clusters.

We'll help you migrate your VM over to new servers, so that your server loads are more manageable.

Node Management

  • Apply patches and upgrades to the node
  • Unlimited server management time
  • VPS backup / restore
  • Resource management
  • Useful for capacity planning
  • 24*7 server monitoring
  • 24*7 VPS management
  • Server log monitoring
  • Monitor and manage performance issues
  • Unlimited VPS management within the node
  • Firewall Settings/Basic Security Features
  • Measuring the state of a virtual machine
  • VPS Actions - Create, Delete, Mount Remount, Suspend
Virtualization Support – Node Management 1 ₹19,920.00 Add to Cart
Proxmox – Server Management 1 ₹11,920.00 / Server Add to Cart
Proxmox – HA Clustering 2 ₹39,920.00 one time (min. 2 nodes) Add to Cart