Level 3 Server Administration

For NOCs and Data Centers, Level 3 Server Maintenance plans are highly suitable. Under this plan, all administrators are L3 managers with a high level of technical skill in order to manage cyberattacks and server problems.

Level III Expert - Diamond Plan

High Level of Technology Exposure Advanced Server and Network Administration
Advanced scripting skills (BASH/PHP/Python/Perl) Disaster management
Can lead a technical department like VPS/Shared/Dedicated Console access
Server Migration 40-70 Level I tickets
Service Management 20-50 Level II tickets
Server Reboot 10-20 Level III tickets
Log Analysis Excellent in at least two Operaing Systems & have exposure in many others
Experience More than 3 Years
Motive Passion 2 LEAD!
Dedicated Staff - Server Admin - Diamond 10 ₹1,59,920.00 Add to Cart

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