ZoopDesk Cloud Migration Services

With strong & sturdy infrastructure foundations, we can easily execute a successful cloud migration. ZoopDesk is more than happy to offer you a smooth data migration experience by collaborating with your IT team.

We offer a productivity suite for data migration-related services. It includes transferring of applications, databases, virtual or physical servers, storage websites, even an entire DC(data center). We are able to migrate all these from an on-premise environment, hosting facility & even across private or public cloud platforms.

We aim for achieving the expected results for our valuable clients using the best practices for data migration.

Cloud Migration Services

Flow Chart of ZoopDesk
Cloud Migration Services

1. Estimating Cost

2. Analyzing Requirements

3. Building Strategy

4. Executing Plan

Flow Chart of ZoopDesk
Cloud Migration Services

5. Cloud Leverage

6. Test Run

7. Final Implementation

The Blueprint of Our Cloud Migration Process

Step 1: Estimating Cost - ZoopDesk analyzes all the aspects of the operation & provides an estimated cost to clients. In most cases, the actual costs lie close to what we estimate in the first step.

Step 2: Analyzing Requirements - Finding dependencies, latency/bottlenecks are the main tasks here, once we are done with analyzing the architecture. Then we initiate a run time analysis.

Step 3: Building Strategy - As we know without planning, users may have to face several challenges & errors. We build a plan for Environment Mapping, Service Segmentation & Message Mapping.

Step 4: Execution of Plan - Start working as per plan in this step. Here we perform operations like transfer to cloud, Active Migration, Storage and API Setup, Service Commissioning, adding up new features.

Step 5: Cloud Leverage - Here we autoscale the operation, configure storage & security layers, optimize codes & exploit the cloud utilities as per user requirements. This gives us an upper edge in the process.

Step 6: Test Run - Here we run various tests to know the possible errors we may face while actual migration. We perform stress testing, modular testing, client testing, etc.

Step 7: The Final Implementation - After finalizing all the preparations, we start the actual data migration while continuing to monitor the operation to detect any errors.

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