ZoopDesk Server Security Audit

Web hosting industry is surrounded by plenty of threats. Every day new risks arrises and create the urge for frequent security & audit measures. ZoopDesk Server Security & Audit service plays a critical role in making customer expectations their reality. We aim for improving our performance without compromising anywhere in the security standards. This is due to our IT technicians’ core technical knowledge & well-suited skillset.

ZoopDesk Server Security Audit service executes the following tests.

Availability of Security Tools

  • Malware
  • Virus
  • Rootkit
  • Mod_security
  • Detection of Intrusion
  • Detection of Bruteforce


  • ACLs
  • Shorewall
  • TCPwrappers
  • Firewall Policy
  • Setup Server Firewall

Availability of Data

  • Verifying attached media storages.
  • Availability and accessibility of backup.
  • Encrypted communication &data storage.


  • Log auditing.
  • Implementing Security banner.
  • Patching system & application.
  • Cron restrictions or Job schedulers.
  • Integrity check for configuration files.
  • Default password policies enforcement.
  • Access policies & privileges - User management.
  • Unused modules & application extensions removal.
  • Audit for resource utilization- Disk CPU, RAM & Network.
  • KVM, RR for DC operations - Remote management tools.
  • HW check – such as Frequent reboots, Overheating notices, network failures.
  • Verifying storage – HDD check, RAID alarms, Space availability, Mount options.

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